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She is only 20, the old men have 143 years old toghether.

Mr Nobel, Santa’s little helper, brings this innocent girl for an Oldje charity, the hot and horny blonde Lollita Taylor. Santa knows that she was a naughty young girl that had sex with lots of men…

Oldje bends the young babe and he starts slapping that cute little ass until it turns red. But the innocent young girl is not that innocent when she starts enjoying being slapped and asks for more. Mr Nobel can’t help himself from watching the old man kissing that slutty blonde as he gets naked to go for it.

Our young bad girl blondie turns out to be passionate for old men. Dicks in her mouth and in her fresh pussy, she wants to be fucked long and hard. Young dirty and horny babe! Enjoy an old and young passionate threesome, a kinky Santa and his wild old helper fucking a hot young babe.

Finally she behaves like a good girl and opens her mouth to receive Santa’s present : juicy cream!


Old School Gangbang with Lolita Taylor

Good girl gone wild! Lolita Taylor gone crazy on a meeting of seven old men.

Lolita gives master blowjobs and she loves to feel those old balls and cocks deepthroat.

Old men reached double penetration while other keeps her mouth full of old dick… never waist time and handjob also another cock… 7 old men doesn’t seem to many for this horny young blonde.

She’s a fuck machine on this crazy gangbang with 7 old perv! Damn! Highest heights of pleasure she reaches when they cum one by one and finish on her, she can finally feel the taste of old cum in her mouth and face. This crazy old and young gangbang is outstanding and impressive!


Gina Gerson Pays The Bill With Passion

Young girl doesn’t have money to pay the bills…

Lucky for her she is young and horny. She seduce the old man  who expects money from her not sex… nowise anal fuck.

She screams with pleasure while the old man widens her young and tight ass with his big old cock… Old and young are in an intense fucking session and they are both enjoying it. At the end, she swallow his shot of old juice.


The Tricksy Little Bitch
It is not really the season, but Tina Blade is in the mood for some sex games…  She plays silly games on the old janitor because she is getting bored in her ivory little tower.

She desperately wants his old dick to suck on… she pulls down Oldjes pants to provoke him to fuck her. No need to say that she gets what she wants after all. Lucky old manthat gets to fuck her till she squirts all over… the old and young create perfect chemistry!!! She enjoys the spanks as the old bastard wants to show her who is the boss. She squirts instead.


This young girl is not at all interested on what our Oldje therapist has to tell her. She does not like therapy nor art, but this young lady gets horny even hearing about sex. The old man tries to resist her but he would be a foul not to fuck this sexy blonde beauty.

She has the perfect young slim body, the sweetest kiss and the tightest fresh pussy. She loves to kiss and to shove deep inside her mouth and pussy that big old cock . Enjoy this old and young hot sex therapy session!



Threesome With an Old Woodcutter

Two blondes fuckd by a huge old cock in the woods…

This old woodcutter is trapped by the two hot sex addicts with no way out but lots of ways in. Two pussies and two mouths are now his primary interest. Oldje s big lumberjack goes in and out young holes chocking them up. This story is the fantasy of every young and old gentleman – two blondes sucking and blowing like crazy! Old man sex can be great when the partner is a giant, silent good-to-fuck lumberjack!


They may hear little but their eyes are working fine – find the wet box right away and feel it with their stiff fingers. Her minuscule white dress comes slowly off and her ass is drilled by old aroused cocks. And this dirty nurse can take two at the same time!

Double penetration should make them both happy… She swallows their poison… to get them better of course. See how this ends… unexpectedly!
A dream of old and young making love.


Teen Slut Recipe

Old and young work hard together to prepare the recipe of lustful sex. They kiss and touch, exploring each others body. Her mouth is so hungry and aches to enjoy his old dick. Meanwhile, this old man is so happy to put his meat to work and satisfy this horny hot babe – he kisses and licks and fingers her wet pink pussy, then penetrates her in doggy style.