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She has the tightest pussy this old cock ever had and ever wished.

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Young horny blonde Lolita Taylor works as secretary for two old men… It’s hard to satisfy both of capricious old men that puts her to hard work. She agree that in her job duties is also blowjob included… Only she find out that her oldje boss has a big stong old dick that she would love to fuck!

Weekly Consultation Fuck

I apply for jobs everywhere, but no one wants older workers, and now I’ve had to move back in with mother. Life is just too rough, I’d do anything for work! Finally I get an interview and it goes well and they want me to do some medical tests just to be sure.

So I’m sitting in the medical exam office with this blonde nurse who surely is too young to be so responsible, with her big, thick, black glasses looking all serious and professional. She’s going through my history like my whole future is in her hands, she makes me so nervous. She says everything is good, except for a final psychology test she has to do. I know I’m not crazy!

All I can concentrate on is her big, grey eyes and soft pink lips. Her tight, white top with the black, lacy trim and short skirt. Her voice, it

sounds almost flirty, and her eyes are dancing and sparkling like she’s got something naughty on her mind. But surely not me? She is so pretty she must have a boyfriend for every day of the week.

What’s that? How is my Sex life? Do I masturbate? I am so embarrassed, we don’t discuss these things! Especially with someone so young and beautiful who thinks I’m cute.

I don’t want to lose this job though, and if I have to stand against the wall and show her my penis, well, can I really say no? Do I, don’t I? Oh thank God, she is taking the lead and taking it out all by herself, even when I foolishly try and stop her.

Kiara makes me smile when she says it’s beautiful and she really likes it. And her hands sliding along it with her bright pink nails? I think that’s beautiful too. Oh honey, you can taste it if you like, you’re reading my mind.

I don’t know how everyone else’s medical interview went and if they ended with a load of cum all over this innocent girl’s face, but mine went so well I got the job on the one condition she had to ensure my sex life remained active. Is that so bad?

Having to work sucks, having to do a weekly check up sucks. And the sexy, blonde nurse Kiara who does them? She sucks too!




Fucking Taxes

Lara Sweet knows what every young lady knows – life is best when you can relax in the back yard reading your favorite magazines, soaking in the warm sunshine with your older lover sitting next to you, chatting and sharing stories of romance and adventure.

And he is always going to spoil it with talk of money and taxes! A totally boring way to pass the time. Mmm, how to work on a tan, and enjoy some romance with her beau at the same time? Easy, nothing distracts an old man’s attention like the firm, tanned body of a hot blonde. Without a second thought the clothes are off and before he can protest too much that she’s nude and he’s paid for those clothes,

the words are taken right out of his mouth with some searing kisses spiced with a dash of intimate tongue play.

It’s hard to keep complaining when you’ve been beckoned to taste the sweetness of an eager woman with seduction in her eyes. He’s finally realised there’s a time to moan about taxes, and a time to make a young miss moan in pleasure. There’s no better way to spend a day in the yard.

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